The film buff time came after the wonderful movement generated in the public by the Oscar-nominated film Argentina, 1985, but despite the fact that it did not win the highest award for Best International Film, it caused great expectations for national cinema. In this plan is the director Luis Ortega with El Jockey, his next project that will have the stellar participation of a protagonist of La Casa de Papel.

According to La Pavada of Diario Crónica, he is already filming his new film, El Jockey, the director Luis Ortega produced by REI Films (Lucrecia Martel) and supported by “Cultural Impulse” of the City Government. With a cast headed by Úrsula Corberó, Daniel Giménez Cacho (Bardo, La cordillera), Roly Serrano, Enrique Liporace and Luis Luque, among others.

Many scenes are being shot at the Jockey Club and the theme revolves around the turf mafia. In fact, Luis Ortega, who also worked on Narcos México as a director, was unable to attend his father’s birthday, Palito Ortega, on March 8.

The production of El Jockey was highly anticipated by the moviegoing world, especially after the success of Ortega’s previous film, El Ángel. The film is expected to have a dark and provocative tone, revealing the dark secrets behind the world of horse racing.

El Jockey is expected to be one of the successes of Argentine cinema in the coming years, further consolidating Luis Ortega’s position as one of the most interesting and innovative directors in the country. With its risky approach and disruptive subject matter, the film promises to be an exciting and disturbing experience for audiences.

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