Úrsula Corberó and Quim Gutiérrez starring in ‘El Cuerpo en Llamas’

The filming of the series begins with Úrsula Corberó and Quim Gutiérrez inspired by the crime that took place in 2017 in the Foix reservoir, in Barcelona.

Úrsula Corberó and Quim Gutiérrez will star in El cuerpo en llamas, an Arcadia Motion Pictures production for the Netflix series catalog which will begin shooting on September 19 in Barcelona and will run for several weeks in other municipalities in the province.

Among the best films and series by Úrsula Corberó we find, of course, La Casa de Papel, the series that went from Antena 3 to Netflix, where a real revolution began that culminated in December 2021. We are talking about a production that is clearly among the best Spanish series in history, and that has elevated it as an international star. The series has been one of the great phenomena of our fiction, in addition to being one of the best series on Netflix, dealing with you with productions such as The Squid Game or Stranger Things.

The miniseries will be inspired by real events, taking as its starting point the appearance in 2017 of the charred corpse of a man in the Foix reservoir, in the province of Barcelona. The investigation of the homicide brought to light a network of toxic relationships, deceit, sexual scandals and violence between various police officers in the city.

Úrsula Corberó and Quim Gutiérrez play Rosa and Albert, the two police officers who are the protagonists of this story, who will be accompanied by the performances of José Manuel Poga (La Casa de Papel), Isak Férriz (Bajocero) and Eva Llorach (Quién te cantará) among others.

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Úrsula Corberó joins the Netflix action thriller ‘Lift’

Gugu Mbatha-Raw is set for the female lead opposite Kevin Hart in the Netflix action thriller Lift. Rounding out the cast are Vincent D’Onofrio, Billy Magnussen, Úrsula Corberó, Yun Jee Kim, Viveik Kalra and Paul Anderson. F. Gary Gray will direct the pic, with Dan Kunka penning the script. Netflix landed the package last year.

The film is produced by Simon Kinberg and Audrey Chon for Genre Pictures, Matt Reeves and Adam Kassan for 6th & Idaho, and Hart and Brian Smiley for HartBeat Productions. 6th & Idaho currently has The Batman in theaters, which has dominated the month of March at the box-office, and Genre’s Invasion just finished it’s first season on Apple TV+.

Gray, Brent O’Connor and Patricia Braga are exec producing.

Lift falls under Hart and HartBeat Productions’ creative partnership with Netflix. They are in production on comedy Me Time, starring Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall.

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New Ambassadors for SHISEIDO’s “POWER IS YOU” Campaign

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) is announcing that its flagship prestige brand, SHISEIDO, is launching a new global campaign, POWER IS YOU, featuring three inspirational ambassadors, Megan Rapinoe, Hikaru Utada and Ursula Corbero. With diverse backgrounds in sport, art and social activism each ambassador will use her power as a beautiful force in the world.

Megan Rapinoe, Hikaru Utada and Ursula Corbero are much more than attractive faces on billboards. As activists, leaders and artists, these remarkable women have powerful and unique stories of their own which resonate strongly with SHISEIDO’s brand values. Through their inspirational lives, SHISEIDO celebrates diversity and empowers people across all borders by highlighting the power of inner beauty to transform society for the better.

A new understanding of beauty as courage, strength, and the power to speak up will be illustrated by a series of short, inspirational Power Talk films featuring the ambassadors, who have each found beauty in their power. The new song “Find Love” by Hikaru Utada will be unveiled as the POWER IS YOU campaign anthem.

Alongside the new SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate III, POWER IS YOU seeks to empower everyone to release their innate energy, recharge their own beauty and use their power as a beautiful force in the world.

Netflix Reveals Fifth and Final Season of ‘La Casa de Papel’

Netflix has revealed that the platform’s most successful Spanish-language series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) will end with the conclusion of Part 5, tweeting on Friday that “The heist comes to an end.”

Shooting is set to begin soon in Spain, Denmark and Portugal, with actors Miguel Ángel Silvestre, a Netflix alum of Narcos and Sense8, and Patrick Criado, most recently in Movistar Plus’ most-viewed original series The Invisible Line, joining the established and now iconic cast featuring Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo), Álvaro Morte (The Professor), Itziar Ituño (Lisbon) and Pedro Alonso (Berlin) among others.

“We’ve spent almost a year thinking about how to break up the band,” said creator and showrunner Alex Pina. “How to put the Professor on the ropes. How to get into situations that are irreversible for many characters. The result is the fifth part of La Casa de Papel. The war reaches its most extreme and savage levels, but it is also the most epic and exciting season.”

Jesús Colmenar will executive produce with Pina finishing his run as executive producer and showrunner along with Cristina López Ferraz who will once again fill the role of director of production. Javier Gómez Santander will head writer and co-produce with DoP Migue Amodeo and Esther Martínez-Lobato.

Regular directors Jesús Colmenar, Koldo Serra and Álex Rodrigo return behind the camera.

Just how Money Heist can ever come to an end is another question. More than any other series in the world, Money Heist has embodied Netflix’s philosophy, and commercial strategy, that great series can come from anywhere and be seen everywhere, even if not shot in the English-language.

Netflix’s most-watched non-English language series ever from when it was first made available on the streaming service, Money Heist transformed radically in Part 3, going global in its locations, adding heavy VFX and raising the bar on its action.  It had already beeb adopted by fans around the world as a tale of youth’s disenfranchisement in an ultra-capitalist world. Fans will want it to go out with bang. Preferably lots of them.

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Julio Medem’s ‘The Tree of Blood’ Picked up by FilmSharks Intl.

Romantic thriller debuts at MIA and the AFM.

Starring La casa de papel’s Ursula Corberó, The Tree of Blood, the latest movie from Spain’s Julio Medem, is being brought onto the international market at Rome’s MIA market by FilmSharks Intl., which has acquired world sales rights.

FilmSharks Intl. will continue introducing the film to buyers at the American Film Market, which opens Oct. 31 in Santa Monica.

The deal was negotiated by FilmSharks Intl.’s Guido Rud and Sandra Tapia, Ignasi Estapé and Ibon Cormenzana at the film’s lead producer Arcadia Motion Pictures (AMP).

A romantic thriller which Diamond Films Spain will release in Spain on Nov. 1 on over 200 locations, said FilmSharks’ Guido Rud, The Tree of Blood (El Arbol de la Sangre) marks the latest movie from the Cormenzana-founded (Aloft, Blancanieves, Blackthorn), and the ninth fiction feature of Medem, a director whose debut, 1991’s Vacas, helped bring down the flag on the modern Spanish cinema through its mix of Spanish referents and genre elements and, in industry terms, backing by one of Spain’s just-launched private TV operators, Prisa.

The Tree of Blood returns Medem to the themes of some of his best-known titles in its mix of seeming fatalism, sexual passion and atavistic violence, as it unfolds the tale of a young couple, Rebeca and Marc, who travel to a ancient family house which belonged to Marc’s family to reconstruct their family tree. Working out of the house, set in a fairy tale landscape of green valleys and limestone buffs, the deeper they dig the more they discover a collective history over the last 25 years of love, passion,insanity and infidelity behind which lies one mystery which threatens to destroy their own relationship.

The film also stars Álvaro Cervantes (La Zona), Medem regular Najwa Nimri (Vis a Vis, Quién te cantará), Ángela Molina (Los abrazos rotos), Daniel Grao (Julieta), Joaquín Furriel (The Bronze Garden), Patricia López Arnaiz (La peste) and Josep María Pou (La catedral del Mar).

Co-produced by Basque and Catalan public broadcasters ETB and TV3, plus Movistar +, the pay TV/VOD arm of Telefonica, “The Tree of Life” looks like one of the weightiest-budgeted Spanish titles hitting Spanish cinemas this year.

“We are very pleased to start our first collaboration with FilmSharks with The Tree of Blood. Guido is so passionate about Medem’s work, and this film in particular, that we are sure he is the best person to present it on the markets,” Tapia, Estapé and Cormenzana said in a statement.

“Coming on board of latest film by the best Spanish director of all times is a dream come true. We have been chasing this since screenplay,” Rud added

“After a long bidding war, we managed to lock down a deal with the producers. We have high hopes in terms of the film’s global impact.”

Medem is the latest Spanish director to be represented by FilmSharks which has a longterm relationship with Santiago Segura, carving out an international market for his supposedly Spain-only Torrente film series, the biggest franchise in Spanish movie history. This year, FilmSharks took international rights to Some Time Later, José Luis Cuerda’s absurdist humored take on a far future that looks very much the world today, which world premiered at last month’s San Sebastian Film Festival in its Official Selection.

“Medem, Cuerda and Segura are name directors that like, have a hallmark style, and style, and international impact at a commercial level,” Rud said.

Backing titles such as Berlinale Golden Bear winner Claudia Llosa’s Aloft, which played Berlin, Sundance and Tribeca, Blancanieves, winner of 10 Spanish Academy Goya Awards in 2013, and Blackthorn, starring Sam Shepherd, Barcelona-based Arcadia Motion Pictures has maintained a considerable level of movie and TV production, despite plunging state subsidies in Spain, thanks to its leverage of national tax break instruments and energetic international co-productions and sales.

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Úrsula Corberó: Meet the New Face of Bulgari Fiorever

What defines an “It” girl? Her effervescent charm? Her spontaneous instincts and joyous love for life? Or maybe it’s her striking good looks that jump off the screen and make you take a step back? Perhaps it’s all these factors, that when combined, catch lightning in a bottle in the form of a woman many become hypnotized by.

In the case of Úrsula Corberó, a Spanish star on the rise, her solar energy exudes a positivity hard to resist, making her the epitome of an “It” girl, with the talent to back it up. Though there might not be a patented formula for reaching the highest pinnacles of success (as far as we know), Corberó is paving her own path.

Actress, model, and now face of the new Bulgari jewelry collection, Fiorever, the stunner beams a passion for life similar to that of the most beautiful flower. Known for her work in Netflix hit La Casa de Papel, Corberó is taking the world by storm as the breakout star we have our eyes on. This might be why the iconic Italian jewelers picked the natural beauty and her love for la dolce vita as the face of the Fiorever collection. Dripping in blooming flowers crafted from the finest diamonds, Corberó enchants in striking images captured by legendary photographer Mario Sorrenti.

In an exclusive interview with Savoir Flair, the Bulgari ambassador chats with us about everything from shooting with Sorrenti to her love for Julianne Moore and the role accessories play in her personal style.

How do you feel about being the new ambassador for the Bulgari brand?
Very grateful and happy. Bulgari has a long association with the world of cinema. My favorite actress is Julianne Moore, and I remember the campaign she did clearly. That they asked me to become the new ambassador is like a dream; a wish come true. It is an immense honor for me to be a part of this family.

This campaign has brought you together with Mario Sorrenti. How did you feel in front of his camera? Can you describe what it was like working with him?
When they told me that Mario was going to shoot the campaign, I didn’t quite believe it. Mario is an icon. Knowing him has been a privilege. He is a person who transmits a great sense of calm, but he is also keenly aware of his surroundings and he is very observant. I hope life will bring us together again; I love chatting with him, and playing in front of his camera, I felt free.

The idea of turning into a new person is very interesting for the spectator; as an actress you experience this in your work. What kind of woman did you have in mind during the Fiorever shoot? How did Mario help you become this person?
Mario told me he wanted me to be myself; he didn’t want me to play a character. We all have many characters within ourselves; we are not just one person. He gave me permission to experiment with different moods with each change of clothing, staging and setting. I let myself go and it was marvelous.

What does Bulgari represent for you?
A modern version of the ‘Dolce Vita’. Bulgari has been creating spectacular pieces of jewelry for many years, but it has also been able to adapt to the style of the times. And it’s because of this that since the start, it has always been a brand with a strong personality.

How would you describe your personal style?
I don’t have a definite style. I like letting myself be inspired by what appeals to me every day. My mood is not always the same, so my style can’t be either. What I do know is that I like comfortable clothes that are powerful. I like mixing styles, especially formal and informal. I love high heels, sweatshirts, and transparency. As to accessories, they always help me finish off my look. I love hooped earrings, handbags, and sunglasses.

How do people who really know you well describe you?
They tell me that I am scatter-brained, a party lover, and energetic with a strong personality.

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Úrsula Corberó in the last videoclip of C. Tangana

Ursulá Corberó between tears in the same equation as C Tangana and Eduardo Casanova. Difficult solution, right?

As if it were a riddle, three of the most important young talents of our culture have kept the emotion for a couple of days in their Instagram accounts but we already know the solution: the actress is the protagonist of the last video clip of the singer in the that both have been placed under the command of Eduardo Casanova, who in turn has counted on the collaboration of María Escoté, having been in charge of part of Úrsula’s wardrobe.

Precisely it was the fashion designer who has given continuity in social networks to the enigmatic photo that C.Tangana had shared hours before in which appeared with the actress of Money Heist.

With the passage of hours both Úrsula (ideal are a pink sequined dress, sleeveless and high neck designed by Escoté who accompanied a wig that sharpened the vintage style, and then showing another totally different look with the seal of Palomo Spain ) as Eduardo Casanova, director of Fur, have been giving much more obvious clues of what is coming.

Neither more nor less than the video clip of the song Cuando me miras, which belongs to the last album by the artist from Madrid, which will be released on October 10, as confirmed by the director of the same.

We only have to count the hours to enjoy the explosive mixture of all the protagonists concentrated in a few minutes. The image of Úrsula Corberó wrapped in tears with that carding in her hair is the best appetizer of what will undoubtedly become a viral video as soon as it sees the light.

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Úrsula Corberó Inks With WME

EXCLUSIVE: WME has signed Úrsula Corberó, a breakout on the hit Spanish-language Netflix series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel), for representation in all areas. The competitive signing comes as she is next set to star in Julio Medem’s El árbol de la sangre which bows in Spain in November. The agency will look to land her on this side of the pond.

Netflix earlier this year said Money Heist is the streaming service’s most-watched non-English-language series. The thriller stars Álvaro Morte as El Professor, a mysterious criminal mastermind planning an epic heist. He recruits a group of eight thieves who take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain while El Professor manipulates the police to carry out his plan. Corbero plays Tokio and stars alongside Itziar Ituno, Paco Tous and Alba Flores.

The Antena 3 series has been renewed for a Part 3 to debut in 2019, with creator Alex Pina back to craft a new set of heists. Money Heist debuted on Netflix internationally in December, with the most recent episodes added in April.

Corberó continues to be repped by her Spanish agent Pedro Garay.

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‘La Casa de Papel’: Netflix Confirms Part 3 Of Spanish-Language Phenomenon

Netflix has confirmed a third round of its most-watched non-English-language series, La Casa de Papel. Known outside Spanish-speaking markets as Money Heist, the next installment will be exclusively produced for the streaming service. The Spanish series’ original creator, Alex Pina, is also returning for Part 3, which will run in 2019.

Erik Barmack, Netflix’s VP International Originals, made the announcement this morning at the See What’s Next event in Rome.

Álvaro Morte, who is here in the Eternal City today, stars in the thriller as El Professor, a mysterious criminal mastermind planning an epic heist. He recruits a group of eight thieves who take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain while El Professor manipulates the police to carry out his plan. Ursula Corbero, Itziar Ituno, Paco Tous and Alba Flores also star.

After the global success of Part 1 and Part 2, El Professor will develop new heists that will be unveiled in 2019. Morte said he’s been “overwhelmed” by the worldwide popularity of the series and shocked to find people in Argentina with his face tattooed on their bodies.

Literally The Paper House, La Casa de Papel has become an international phenomenon. Netflix wrote in a letter to shareholders this week that this quarter it became the most watched non-English series ever on the service.

Created for Spain’s Antena 3, it debuted on Netflix internationally in December, with the most recent episodes added earlier this month.

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Úrsula Corberó Joins ‘Snatch’

Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó has booked a recurring role on the second season of Crackle’s Snatch. In season one, our up and coming hustlers stumble on a truck load of stolen bullion sending them into an insane criminal spiral and the world of organized crime. In this upcoming season, the team is on the lam and what begins as a well-deserved vacation quickly becomes a face off with a local kingpin; another thrill-a-minute fight to save their fortune, and ultimately their lives. Corberó will play Ines, a gun for hire known for her driving skills. She is whip-smart and street savvy, who is employed by the head of the San Toledo crime syndicate. Corberó most recently starred in Netflix’s La Casa de Papel, where she received a best actress nomination at the Premios Feroz. She recently completed filming a starring role in Julio Medem’s El Árbol de la Sangre. Snatch is executive produced by Alex De Rakoff, who also serves as writer and showrunner, Rupert Grint, Aaron Ginsburg and William Green.

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